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1. What are the agencies under KWP?

a) Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL)

b) Putrajaya Corporation (PPj)

c) Labuan Corporation (PL)

d) Federal Department of Town and Country Planning Peninsular Malaysia

d) Kampong Bharu Corporation (PKB)

f) National Landscape Department

e) Federal Territories Sports Council (MSWP)

h) Federal Territories Director of Lands and Mines Office (PPTGWPKL)

2. What is Greater Kuala Lumpur / Klang Valley?

The Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley National Economic Area (NKEA) is one of the 12 NKEAs under the Economic Transformation Programme. The goal of this NKEA is to transform Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley into the top 20 most livable metropolis globally and top 20 in terms of economic growth. Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley comprises the area under the administration of 10 local authorities. Among the projects / programs to be implemented to achieve the vision of
Greater KL / Klang Valley are as follows:

a) Migration Attraction Program

b) Mass Rapid Transit System (MRT) for Greater KL

c) High Speed ​​Rail

d) MNCs (Multi National Companies) Attraction Program

e) River Of Life

f) Green KL

g) Pedestrian Walkway

h) Global Attraction

i) Solid Waste Management

j) Sewerage - Non River

3. What are the objectives of the establishment of Kampong Bharu Development Corporation?

The establishment of Kampong Bharu Development Corporation is to implement policy, direction, and strategies associated with development in the area of ​​Kampong Bharu. It also serves as thinkers, planners, implementers, facilitators, drivers, monitoring and improvement (7P) in the development and economic growth of Kampong Bharu towards a level in line with the rapid development in the surrounding areas.

4. What is PPR MTEN’s Public Housing Sales Program and DBKL’s Public Housing Sales Program?

The Housing Sales Program of PPR MTEN and DBKL's Public Housing refers to sales of houses to existing tenants. Sales prices starts from RM21,500 to RM35,000 per unit. The prices quoted are below market value. Furthermore, rebates are given according to price and age of the house.

5. What are the Policies / Guidelines that have been enacted / issued by KWP? Policies / Guidelines that have been enacted/issued by KWP are as follows:

a) Entertainment Policy

b) Hawker Policy

c) Housing Sales Policy

d) Planning Guidelines For Development Of Hills And Slopes In Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur 2010

6. What is the function of Urban Wellbeing Representative Council (MPKB)?

MPKB established in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya works to:

a) Coordinate the implementation of policies, strategies and other matters related to urban wellbeing

b) Coordinate the implementation of urban wellbeing programs and activities in zone and sub-zones sistematically and integratedly in accordance with policies set by KWP

c) Coordinate budget given by KWP to manage urban wellbeing programs and activities in zone and sub zone levels

7. What are the assistance provided under the Urban Poverty Eradication Programs?

Assistance provided under the Urban Poverty Eradication Programs are:

a) Urban Housing Assistance:
i) New house construction
ii) House restoration

b) Income Generating Entrepreneurship Program

c) Motivational Or Mind Set Development Program

d) Capacity Building Program

e) House Rental Assistance

8. What are the initiatives in "delighting the Customers" conducted by KWP and Agencies?

Initiatives in “delighting the customers” conducted by KWP and Agencies are as follows:

Ministry Of Territories (KWP)
1. Establishment of 1Malaysia Maintenance Fund (TP-1M)
2. Establishment of Kampong Bharu Development Corporation
3. Establishment of Urban Wellbeing Representative Council(MPKB)
4. Implementation of Smiling Champaign Among The Frontliners in KWP And Agencies

Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL)
1. Greater KL/Klang Valley
2. Call Centre DBKL
3. Online services (e-Khidmat, e-Lesen, e-Aduan, e-Perumahan dan myTempahan)

Putrajaya Corporation (PPj)
1. PPj Online (e-Cukai, e-Kompaun, e-Tempahan, e-Pemajuan, e-Sewa, e-Aduan, e-Librarye-Lesen)
2. Disabled-friendly facilities

Labuan Corporation (PL)
1. Online services (e-Aduan, e-Bayaran, e-Borang, e-Tempahan, e-Perjawatan, e-Lesen, e-Perkhidmatan

Federal Territories Director Of Lands & Mines Office (PTGWP)
1. Quit Rent Payment Online
2. Online services (e-Bayaran, e-Borang, MySMS)
3. One Piece Flow
4. 5% discount for the land tax in 2011 which is fully paid online1st January 2011 to 31st December 2011
5. 50% discount for the total outstanding late payment fees paid fully throughout the year 2011

Federal Territories Sports Council (MSWP)
1. Elite Athlete Program: Financial incentives to athlete
2. Award of Grants to Sports Associations
3. Appointment of Full-Time Coach

9.How to apply for Residensi Wilayah?

Registration of application can be made through online via Ministry of Federal Territory, Kuala Lumpur City Hall, Putrajaya Corporation or Labuan Corporation website anytime and housing project selection can be made when the offer to subscribe house is opened.

10. Officer to be contacted.

If you need further information, please contact:

Tharmaraj a/l Sundran
Information Officer
Corporate Communication Division
Tel : 03-8889 7790
Email : pro[@]kwp[dot]gov[dot]my

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