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island tomyam big

Location : Kampung Batu Arang

Description : A Thai and Malay style restaurant.

Price : RM10 per person.

Operational hour : 5pm-12.30pm daily. 

fisherman wharf big

Location : Jalan Kemajuan, Labuan Town

Description : Seafood delicacies with Chinese style. No pork serve

Contact number : +6 (087) 408 226

mawilla big

Location :  Near to Labuan International Sea Sport Complex and Labuan Waterfront Hotel

Description : one of the best restaurants in Labuan that serves seafood delicacies - fresh fish (which you can choose), prawn, lobster and squids. Try the Butter Milk Prawn and Nestum Prawn menu.

Price (RM) : The price is reasonable

Contact number : + 6 [087] 422 125

manja rasa big

Location : Labuan International Sea Sport Complex

Description : All you can eat steam-board buffet. Seafood and non-seafood

Price (RM) : RM20 per person

Contact number : +6 (087) 424 937


terumbu warisan big

Location : Tanjung Aru

Description : A floating seafood restaurant located just a few meters from Anjung Ketam. The main rival to Anjung Ketam nowadays. The crowds start to divert their attention to this well managed and great taste restaurant.

Price (RM) : -

Contact number : +6 (087) 584 008


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