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KWP Pocket Directory was developed for the convenience of the public to find information about KWP officer without having to go through KWP website. 

This KWP Pocket Directory have 4 menu :

1 ) Staff
     - Search information by entering staff name in the search field.

2 ) Division
     - Users can view a list of staff in accordance with division by selecting from the dropdown list of the available menu.

3 ) Location
     - Displays a map of the location of the Ministry of Federal Territories.

4 ) About
     - A brief description of this application together with a link to KWP website and Facebook. As a result, information such as staff name, position, department, phone number and e-mail will be displayed. Users can also call or e-mail directly to the staff by pressing the button provided.


KWP Pocket Directory can be downloaded for free at Play Store, App Store and Windows Store or through GAMMA website.



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Aplikasi ini boleh dimuat turun secara percuma di Play Store, App Store dan Windows Phone Store

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