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e-License (Business)
e-License (Vendors)
e-License (Permanent Ads)
e-License (Temporary Ads)


Application for entertainment license :

Drama / Theater License Stage Show License
Expo / Exhibit License Promotion License
Dinner License Pageant License
Carnival License Funfair License
Concert License Nightlife License
Chinese Opera License Entertainment Game License
Fashion Show License Cinema License

Application for composite license :

Premises And Advertising Signs License Hotel Premises License

Application for advertisement license :

Advertising Balloons License Outdoor Advertising Display License
Advertising Signs License Application for Liquor License
Temporary Display Ad License Application for Premises License
Banners License Application for Private Carpark License
Lamppost License  

Application for license (Miscellaneous) :

Auctioneers License Redigging Graves License
Petition Writers License  

Renewal license can be check through :

Myeg Rilek


E-License PL

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